1.What is Astha COINS?

Astha COINS are virtual money given by AsthaTrade to its clients. The COIN allocation can be based on multiple criteria like referral benefit, achieving certain milestones or draw of lots etc.

2.What happens if I redeem Astha COINS?

You can redeem Astha COINS to add the same amount in your trading margin. e.g. Rs 100 will be added to the trading margin if you redeem 100 Astha COINS.

3.What are available COINS?

Available COINS is the COIN balance after removing redeemed COINS and expired COINS from the allocated COINS.

4.How many COINS can I redeem at one time?

You can redeem a maximum up to the total brokerage you paid in the last 30 days. This redeemed amount will be added in your margin balance.

5.Can the COINS be transferred to my bank account?

No, Coins can only be used to cancel the brokerage paid by you in the last 30 days.

6.What is COIN expiry?

Some COINS can be allocated to you with an expiry date. You’ll need to trade and redeem the COINS before it expires, to add the amount to your margin. Once expired, allocated COINS will be deducted from the COIN balance.